Brooklyn Bridge

After a 15 hour, all night drive to New York with the family, the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the first sites on our checklist to see. My husband had a special delivery on Long Island and we were along for the ride. NYC was a place I had fallen in love with years ago, a place I had promised the kids I would take them someday.  The day had finally come and the excitement of the family was beyond belief! 

I first recall being roused from sleep, in the wee hours of the morning, by the rumbling of the car as we were crossing Throgs Neck Bridge en route to Long Island. Looking south for any glimmer of NYC, still too dark, sleepy eyed and probably too far north, my plans were thwarted.  It wasn’t until we headed back into the city, just after sunrise; that we found ourselves headed directly into Manhattan via the incredible Brooklyn Bridge.  Maybe it was the gentle glow of the sunrise, maybe even the golden color of the massive limestone and granite masonry piers peeking through the early light and speaking directly to us. Or maybe, just the morning excitement of everyone first seeing the illuminated gates and web of steel suspension cables in a twisted perspective of converging lines welcoming us into Manhattan.  Whatever it was, the Brooklyn Bridge became the glowing magic doorway to the city that never sleeps…an inviting entrance that created a lasting visual symbol to the beginning of an exciting and amazing NYC adventure!

Brooklyn Bridge  11 x 14 Edition of 300  15 x 18 Edition of 200

Brooklyn Bridge

11 x 14 Edition of 300

15 x 18 Edition of 200

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